Osage orange youth or pee wee stave $3


Staves & Billets
Osage orange is the wood of choice for me, but I do try to keep a few alterative woods around for when I feel like doing something different.

Osage staves ($40-65) and billets ($50)

Oren cutting mulberry staves ($50) and billets ($45)

Eastern red cedar billets and staves ($40)

Osage orange stave worked down to one growth ring with an outline drawn on the back ($100)

Sinew has many uses. I generally use it for backing bows, reinforcing self nocks, and tying on handmade broadheads. This sinew comes dried and unprocessed.

Deer leg ($1) & Elk leg ($4)

Hide Glue
Hide glue is generally used with sinew but can be used without it in a variety of ways. Rabbit (1 lb. Bag) $7;

Isinglass - sturgeon bladder glue (check for price)

Bison Horn Tips
These have a variety of uses, but I prefer to use them as arrow rests. The longer ones can be used as horn nocks on English longbows. These horn tips can also serve as tip overlays or as arrow insert nocks and insert tips on bamboo arrows. I do not have many long horn tips.
Black (each) $2
Blonde (each) $3

Black ($3 each) & Blonde ($5 each)

This is a mixture of beeswax and duck fat. It's good as a primitive sealer. I use it on strings and to seal arrows, selfbows, sinew-backed bows, and any sinew wrappping. $2 each

Used Drawknives, Spokeshaves, & Cabinet Scrapers (Check for price and availability)


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