Only the items with prices are for sale. The others represent my interests.

An old Manchurian-style Chinese horn bow as obtained without its string bridges. After this easy repair, the bow should prove shootable. It seems to have a lighter draw weight.than most from its era.

Recurves and Longbows

Check with me on the recurves and longbows I currently have in stock. I will also buy your old bows.

Two mid-1800s Japanese longbows (yumis), lacquered (sold), plain (sold)

A nice old yew selfbow. (sold)


Some of my broadheads I sell outright, and some of them I only use as traders for old archery books and magazines. I would certainly be interested in buying any old heads you have, especially if they are on original arrows. Feel free to ask me about joining the American Broadhead Collector's Club (ABCC).

Ben Pearson 6 X 6 barbed skeleton ferrule on the original arrow (sold)
Ben Pearson 4 X 4 slope shoulder skeleton ferrule on the original arrow, never shot or sharpened, (sold)

Ben Pearson 6 X 6 skeleton ferrule on the original arrow, $8
Stemmler teardrop on the original arrow with a cresting wrap (sold)
Cobra 6-blade, for trade only

Browning Serpentine broadhead on the original arrow, $15

The Browning Serpentine broadhead pictured above.

Ben Pearson hinged fish point broadhead in its original package (sold)
Roper's Indian (sold)
Bear Archery Razorhead known as the Bubblehead with the original chrome-plated pinned insert, (sold)

Books & Magazines

I am most interested in archery magazines and books from the 1950s and earlier. These I seek for myself. I am normally willing to use any archery item I have or make in trade for these archery books and magazines. I will also pay cash for them.

Witchery of Archery, 1st edition, 1878 (sold)
Witchery of Archery, Pinehurst (3rd) edition, 1928, signed by Elmer (sold)
The Boys Book of Sports, 1st edition, 1886 (sold)

Toxophilus, 1902, Archer's English Reprints (Old English) (sold)

Ye Sylvan Archer, Vol.1, No.1, May 1927
The Archery Review, May 1932
American Bowman Review, August 1947,
Chester Stevenson cover

Art & Photography

A photograph of Sasha Siemel

Mid 1800s Japanese scroll painting.
63 1/2" X 15 1/2" (sold)

Any Archery Paraphernalia - I am always on the lookout for Asian archery items, Chinese horn bows being of most interest to me.


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